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Where are all the needleshop stores…

Here, in Ottawa, Ontario, we used to have one wonderful cross stitch store. Now it’s closed.  Then, the other one that was further east closed…  Yes, I do buy some supplies online but I really like to see the merchandise, the floss and all the new stuff from the Nashville market. I found a Needlework shop in Syracuse. (3 hours away)  We go there form time to time to shop.  Is the online world destroying our small shops?  Even Wal Mart does not carry Anchor floss anymore.

Here is the progress on my box :





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Continuing a old project

Lately I’m getting  bit tired of stitching shades of whites (blue, green…) on my Sabrina.   I’ve pick up an old project that I need to finish. It’s from a Canadian designer named Jeanette Douglas.  The finished piece goes on top of a wooden tread box.  I’ve started this project in …. 2005.  I need to finish this ASAP.
It’s called My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas.  

Here is a picture of the finished product :


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